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Can I change my MX record so Google, my Exchange server, or some other server handles all mail for my domain?

Applies to: Grid System

Yes. If you want your mail to be handled by any 3rd party, just modify your DNS as necessary. You can access the DNS for your domain by logging in as the administrator for your domain here. You can list your "MX" (Mail eXchange) record in your DNS (Domain Name Service) zonefile that we maintain for your domain.

Replace this MX record, which causes mail for your domain to be handled by our mailservers: MX 10

with the 3rd party's mailserver, for example: MX 10

Your email provider may have you list several MX records in order to properly utilize their service.  If that's the case, click the link  'Add new entry...' and populate the details for each MX record they have provided to you.

This only works when Modwest's nameservers are listed on your domain name registration.
If you don't know if Modwest's nameservers are listed on your domain name registration, or what domain name registration means, please see the end of this other FAQ and look at your registration information here.

If our nameservers are not listed on your domain registration, then you will have to ask your DNS administrator to make any of these settings for you.

NOTE: After changing your MX record, please contact and let us know you have made the change so we can tell our mailservers not to handle mail for you any longer.

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If you want to use your own exchange server, provide support the IP address of your exchange server.
Added at: 2004-01-07 11:01