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How do I protect email that contains sensitive information?

Applies to: Grid System

If you are considering secure emails, then you should be looking at email encryption software for your personal computer such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard), or any of the products listed here.

In order to use public key encryption, both parties must have public and private key pairs. This means that the people you want to communicate with must have PGP, GPG, or something similar on their end, since they must encrypt their email to your public key before sending. To reply to them, you must encrypt your message to their public key. Messages are decrypted using the recipient's private key.

Secure email is wholly unrelated to your website having SSL encryption. Email encryption is something you would install for yourself on your own computer, not something that you need us to install on our server. For those that are familiar with using a unix shell prompt, we do have gpg installed for your use on our servers.

Any mailbox can receive any encrypted mail. The question is whether the mail has been encrypted properly and whether the recipient has the software to decrypt it. Buying email encryption software is relatively inexpensive ($35 per license of PGP) and some are even completely free like open source GPG.

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