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How to update your MX record(s) to use Modwest's new spam filter

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All DNS providers have different control panels, but in general the following steps will need to be taken to update your MX records to route to Modwest’s mail server:  


  1. Log in to your DNS host control panel or account
  2. Locate your MX Records within your DNS account (Note: All providers are different, but you should be able to find these records somewhere your email settings).
  3. Update all MX records with a value of to the following:


MX      10

MX      20

MX      30

MX      40


replacing with the full, top-level domain name you are creating the records for.
   As an example, if your domain name is, a valid example of the first record above would look like:


MX 10


Note: Changes to your MX records can take 48 hours or more to propagate. This is entirely dependent on your TTL (Time to Live) settings. If you are making an update in the near future we recommend that you lower your TTL to shorten the amount of time it takes for your updated records to propagate. Once you’ve lowered your TTL you will have to wait for the length of time of the original TTL before your new value is active. Once active, you can update your MX records and they will propagate much faster. And once your new record has propagated it’s easy to go back in and readjust to your default TTL setting. TTL settings are controlled by your DNS provider so if you have trouble finding or updating these settings please contact your DNS provider for support.



Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about updating your MX records.

Last update: 2015-07-14 17:12
Author: Wesley Jones
Revision: 1.6

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