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How many email addresses can I have and how do aliases work?

Applies to: Grid System

The number of mailboxes included with your hosting plan is displayed under the 'Mailboxes & Settings' section of the Modwest Onsite Control Panel.  You'll find the number of included addresses listed towards the bottom of the page, beneath the list of mailboxes.

If you need more mailboxes than your hosting plan includes, you can add additional mailboxes for $1 each per month on your Modwest Control Panel. All email boxes respond to both POP3 and IMAP.

You also have unlimited email forwarding (also called aliases), which means you can make it so that mail sent to one address at your domain will be delivered to any other address you want. You control these email forwarding rules using your Control Panel.

For instance, if you had a mailbox for user "x" on our mailserver, you could do the following:

Mail for a@yourdomain goes to
Mail for b@yourdomain goes to y@yourdomain
Mail for y@yourdomain goes to x@yourdomain
Everything else goes to x@yourdomain

The 1st forwarding rule forward's a's mail to z's earthlink mailbox.
The 2nd rule forward's b's mail to y@yourdomain, which will be forwarded again by the 3rd rule.
The 3rd rule forward's y's mail to x, which x will receive in x's mailbox on our mailserver.
The 4th rule forwards all other mail addressed to anyone else @yourdomain to x, which x will receive in x's mailbox on our mailserver.

If you need mail sent to a certain address to be forwarded to multiple recipients, you can also do that from the Mail Forwarding page of your Control Panel. All you need to do is click the button to create (or edit) a forwarding rule, and in the box that asks who the mail should be forwarded to, enter in the email addresses of all the multiple recipients separated by commas. For example,,,

There is a 250 character limit on how many email addresses may be added this way. If you need more than that, please look into our Mailing List options.

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