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Email sending has stopped working

Applies to: Grid System

There are two common causes for why email sending may suddenly stop working and over which Modwest has no control:

  1. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is blocking outgoing mail on SMTP port 25.


    • Do not use Modwest for your outgoing mail server. Instead, use the outgoing mail server and settings provided by your Internet Service Provider (such as Comcast, ATT, Earthlink, etc.)

      THE ABOVE SOLUTION IS RECOMMENDED: Sending through Modwest, or any other mail server, will not work if your ISP doesn't allow it.

    • Use on port 465 for your outgoing mail by changing the following settings in your email program:


      Setting 1: Change the outgoing (SMTP) mailserver to

      Setting 2a: Find the setting that asks whether your outgoing mail server requires authentication; the answer is YES. NOTE: Leave anything that says "Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" unchecked.

      Setting 2b:Authentication means sending requires a username and password; use the same settings (your Modwest username and password) as your incoming mail server.

      Setting 3:Manually change your outgoing SMTP mail port from '25' to '465' and enable the encrypted connection (SSL) for outgoing mail.



    Having Trouble? Use these online screenshots to find Settings 1-3 (above) for your email program:

    Mac Mail
    Outlook 2002
    Outlook 6
    Other email programs


  2. Your antiviral (AV) software is blocking your outgoing mail.


    • The only way to know if your anti-viral software is stopping your sending is by disabling it. If you disable your AV software and sending works, you'll need to update, renew, or uninstall your AV software to send normally again.


    Having Trouble? Use these online screenshots to find out how to disable your security program:

    Norton Anitvirus 2008
    McAfee Total Protection 2008
    Zone Alarm
    Other common security software


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