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How do I switch from POP to IMAP in Microsoft Outlook?

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Part I - Create the IMAP Account

Outlook 2003

  1. Click 'Tools' then 'Email Accounts'.
  2. Select 'Add a new e-mail account' then click 'Next'.
  3. Choose 'IMAP' then click 'Next.
  4. Populate the required fields using the below as an example:
    Your Name: John Doe
    E-mail Address:
    Username: johndoe
    Password: enter your password
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server: Use your ISP's outgoing mail server
  5. Click 'Next' then 'Finish' then 'Close'.


Outlook 2007

  1. Click 'Tools' then 'Account Settings'
  2. Click 'New' then select 'Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP' then click 'Next'
  3. Check the box 'Manually configure server settings or additional server types' then click 'Next'
  4. Select 'Internet E-mail' then click 'Next'.
  5. Populate the required fields using the below as an example:
    Your Name: Jane Doe
    E-mail Address:
    Account Type: Choose IMAP from the dropdown box
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server: Use your ISP's outgoing mail server
    User Name: janedoe
    Password: enter your password
  6. Click 'Next' then 'Finish' then 'Close'.


Part II - Disable the POP Account
These steps are the same regardless of whether you use Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007.

  1. Click 'Tools' then 'Options' then select the 'Mail Setup' tab.
  2. Click the 'Send/Recieve' button.
  3. Under Group Name, highlight 'All Accounts' then click 'Edit'
  4. Select the POP account from the 'Accounts' list on the left then UN-check the box 'Include the selected account in this group' and click 'Ok'.
  5. Click 'Close' then 'Ok'.

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