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When I send from Modwest webmail, my email has the wrong 'sender' or 'reply-to' address

Applies to: Grid System

To display the correct email address in the 'sender' and 'reply-to' fields when sending via Modwest webmail for your grid system email account, you'll need to edit your "Personal Information." To navigate to this section in webmail:*

  1. Login to Modwest webmail with your Modwest username and password
  2. Click on "Options" in the menu at the top
  3. Click on "Personal Information"
  4. Edit the 'email address' and 'reply-to' fields so they display the correct addresses
  5. Click "Submit" in the bottom right hand corner to save your changes

*If you are the admin user, replace step 1. with the following: Login to Modwest Onsite, then select 'Check Email' in the "Email" section of the Onsite control panel. Then proceed to step 2. above.


Last update: 2010-09-27 16:00
Author: FAQ Admin
Revision: 1.2

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