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What does the "Flag Subject" radio button do in OnSite spam settings?

Applies to: Grid System

What is a flag?: The 'flag' button has to do with how incoming spam is handled as determined by your "Spam Settings". Choosing a flag, such as '[SPAM]', will prepend this flag to the beginning of the subject: line of any incoming mail deemed to be spam by your spam filter.

When is it useful?: Using flags are useful if you use an email client (such as Outlook or Entourage), a POP connection, and want to review your spam regularly. The idea is to download ALL your received mail (spam and wanted mail) and filter the spam into a folder in your email client, rather than in your Modwest webmail/IMAP folder. That way you can check regularly for lost or wanted messages without having to log on to Modwest webmail everytime.

Here's an example: Create the spam flag '[SPAM]' inside the Modwest spam filter. Next, create a corresponding message filter within your email client called '[SPAM].' (Note: You can call your flag and filter anything you like, they do not have to be called '[SPAM]'.) In the email client message filter, specify that you want all subjects with '[SPAM]' in the title to go to a spam folder. (Don't forget, you will need to create a folder on your email client for filtered '[SPAM]' messages if you do not already have one.)

Now, all your mail will be downloaded and then filtered by your email client on your computer and easily accessible for review.

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