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What is the difference between an e-mail address and mailbox?

Applies to: Grid System

A mailbox is where your messages are stored, whereas an address routes your message to the mailbox. You can have several e-mail addresses per mailbox.

For example, you may want to have two addresses, and, posted on your website, but you may only need one person to check those two addresses. Rather than setting up two different mailboxes, you could create just one mailbox and have it receive the e-mail sent to both and

If you would like to keep your e-mail accounts separate, then you should set up a new mailbox for each address.

The amount of mailboxes you're allowed depends on your hosting plan. To set up either e-mail addresses or mailboxes, log into OnSite as the administrative user, and select the 'Add E-mail Address' link under 'Email Tools' tab. Enter in the e-mail address you would like, and then select whether you would like that address to deliver to its own mailbox, or to a pre-existing mailbox.

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