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How do I import addresses into webmail?

Applies to: Grid System

To import your addresses to webmail, you first need a CSV (comma separated values) file that contains the addresses you want to import. Creating this file is simple; just go into your current mail client and select its export option. During the export process, you may need to select the information to export. Webmail only stores Nickname, First and Last Name, Email Address, and Other(comments/notes), so only export those pieces of data. Exporting extraneous information can cause the import to fail. When prompted, save the CSV file in a place where you can easily find it, like your desktop.

Now that you have exported your CSV file, login to OnSite. Go to webmail (if you are not already there) and click Addresses. Addresses will be in the mid-upper-left of your screen.

At the bottom of the Addresses screen, you will see a gray band beginning with the text, "Import CSV File." In this area, press Browse. Using the window that appears find your CSV file, highlight it and press Open. You are now ready to press "Import CSV File."

After pressing "Import CSV File" the system will display a form where you must select which fields to import. This screen will allow you to select which column to import to Nickname, First and Last Name, Email Address, and Other. If you don't want an address included, click Omit next to that address. You also can decide to exclude columns of data by choosing "Do Not Include." When the data is arranged to your satisfaction, click Finish. Text that says "Upload Completed!" will appear. Congratulations, you've imported your address book to webmail!

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There currently seems to be a 5kb limit on imports. So, if your CSV file is bigger than that, split it into two (or more) files using a spreadsheet program.
Added at: 2005-02-11 10:26