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I can't get my email because I am continually asked to retype my mailbox password, or am getting a [LOGIN-DELAY] error.

Applies to: Grid System

This is caused when you have your mail program set to use the POP3 protocol for retrieving mail and also have it set to try to check for new mail more often than 5 minute intervals.

The solution is to slow down your mail program's automatic logins by setting your mail program to check your mailbox every 6 or 10 minutes.

All POP3 mailboxes become locked whenever you login to them looking for mail. While a mailbox is locked due to a login, it cannot receive any new messages. Therefore, if you are logging into the mailbox more frequently than every 5 minutes, you may actually be delaying your receipt of new mail, since new mail cannot be delivered while you are checking for it.

To increase the time between automatic POP3 mail logins, click the following menu items in your mail program:

Outlook 2000
Tools, Options, Mail Setup tab, Send/Receive button, and change the value for 'Schedule and automatic send/receive every __ minutes', then click OK

Outlook Express 6
Tools, Options, General, and change the value for 'Check for new mail every __ minutes', then OK.

Netscape 4.x Messenger Mail
Edit, Preferences, doubleclick Mail & Newsgroups, Mail Servers, Edit, and change the value in the "Check for mail every __ minutes" field, then click OK.

Mozilla Mail
Edit, Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings, doubleclick your mail profile name to expand the items under it, Server Settings, change the value in the "Check for new messages every __ minutes" field, then click OK.

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