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How do I receive and read e-mail?

Applies to: Grid System

One mailbox is automatically created when you sign up with Modwest. The e-mail address of that mailbox is modwestusername@ You can assign additional addresses to that mailbox in Onsite.

Ways to receive and read your e-mail:

  1. Web Mail
    Check your e-mail from anywhere on the internet with the browser-accessible web mail program in Onsite.

  2. E-mail Client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Macmail, etc)
    Mail clients run on your own computer, so you can store and view messages without using a web browser.

    Configuring your Mail Client

    1. Incoming Mail Server:
    2. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Ask your ISP, Network Admin or use the below settings.
      2. Enable outgoing authentication
      3. Set security to SSL
      4. Outgoing port: 465
    3. Account Name/Mailbox User Name
      Use your mailbox login name. This is either the hosting account username that you chose when you signed up (and that you use for FTP), or enter any of the mailbox login names that you may have added through Onsite. NOTE: A mailbox login is the user name (eg., "joe") and not the email address.

      You can see a list of all the mailbox login names under your account in Onsite.

    4. See Instructions for configuring Outlook Express that include pictures and screenshots.

    5. See Instructions for configuring Entourage 2004 that include pictures and screenshots.

  3. Shell Program
    A third option for sending e-mail is to get a shell prompt on the server and then use the Pine mail program by typing:


    if your account was created after May 2009 or you've requested to be switched over to our newer Debian environment, then you'll need to run the program called Alpine, which can be accessed by getting a prompt on the server and then typing:


    More information and instructions on how to use Pine is here.


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Comment of Anonymous:
For those wanting to add webmail to your website I recommend UebiMiau, it is written in PHP and doesn't require MySQL.
Added at: 2002-04-04 20:20

Comment of Anonymous:
UebiMiau is a Mail Client not a Mail Server. It has no abilities to create Mail Accounts (other users than yourself). That must be done a the server itself.

Added at: 2002-09-06 23:49