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I receive too much SPAM: what can I do?

Applies to: Grid System

Changing Spam Settings
If you are receiving more spam than legitimate email and you are ready to take aggressive action to strictly limit the spam reaching your inbox, go to the "Spam Settings" under "Email" in OnSite and do the following:

  1. Select "Custom" from the first dropdown menu.
  2. In the Threshold box type: 3.0 (or even lower)
  3. Under "Spam Handling" choose "Move it to to mail folder - Spam" or "Delete it."

    The options you have selected should now look like this:

    Spam Protection Setting

  4. Finally, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Confirm you are subscribed to the Spam folder:  Since you will be sending spam to the 'Spam' folder, you'll want to make sure it exists in your folder list.  If you do not see a 'Spam' folder in your folder list when logged into Modwest webmail, then go to "Folders" at the top of your Modwest webmail inbox and scroll down to the Subscribe/Unsubscribe section.  There you will be able to subscribe to the 'Spam' folder.

Just remember that many HTML newsletters and other HTML email might be deleted accidentally with these aggressive filter settings. If this seems too indiscriminate, you may want to start with a less aggressive threshold number in Step One, such as "high" (which equates to 5 points).

See also: Modwest Blog: Maximizing Spam Filter Effectiveness

Some More Tips

  • When you receive spam email, don't reply and don't try to unsubscribe from the email list. When it's clearly spam email from someone to whom you never knowingly gave your address, unsubscribing is a scam that simply validates your email address as a working address.

  • If it's enabled, turn off the "Catch-All" feature in OnSite. Go to the "Mailboxes & Addresses" area under "Email" in OnSite and make sure "No catch-all" is selected as in the example below.

  • For more information about the federal laws and regulations concerning spam, you can check out the website for the Federal Trade Commission on this subject here:

Disable Catchall

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Comment of Anonymous:
If you're running a VPS with Modwest and find yourself receiving too much spam, even with Spam Assassin enabled, try creating fake mx records (a Spam Assassin tip):

This literally reduced over 100 spam messages a day to around 5, for me at least.
Added at: 2007-11-12 15:15