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My ISP does not give me an SMTP/Outgoing mailserver to send mail from my own computer, so I must use yours.

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Usually, your Internet Service Provider (DSL, cable, broadband) will supply you with an Outgoing (SMTP) Server so that you can plug that setting into your mail program and then be able to send mail from your own computer.

Contact your Internet Service Provider or Network Administrator to get the name of their Outgoing Server and plug that into the Outgoing Server setting of your email program.

Many ISPs (MSN, Earthlink, Verizon, etc) do not allow their customers to use any Outgoing Mailserver except their own Contact your ISP to find out.

If your ISP allows it, Modwest customers use our mail server as an SMTP Outgoing Server.

To use Modwest as your Outgoing Server, you must get into the program on your computer that you use to send emails (Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc) and find the setting for "Outgoing Server" or "SMTP Server". In that setting, enter:

You will also need to find the SMTP Authentication section in your mail program's configuration settings and enter either:

  • Your hosting account username that you chose when you signed up for hosting (that you use for FTP and to login to the Control Panel),


  • Any of the Mailbox Login Names for mailboxes that you may have added through your Control Panel. A Mailbox Login Name looks like: jones2 not

as well as the password for that username. Your mailbox username/login name and password are both used for SMTP Authentication, and you will receive an error message similar to "Relay Access Denied" if you do not enter them.

In Outlook Express 6, after clicking Tools, Accounts, then single-clicking the mail profile you are using, then clicking Properties, and then clicking the Servers Tab, you will see a checkbox at the bottom of the dialogue box that says "My Server Requires
Authentication". After entering in the Outgoing Mailserver field, you must check this box. Then click the Settings button in the servers tab after you check the authentication box:

and make sure the option is set to "Use Same Settings as Incoming Mail". This will send your Modwest mailbox username/password to authenticate you and allow you to also use the server for relaying outgoing mail. Leave the "Secure Password Authentication" box unchecked.

Then click OK, OK, Close. You may now us as an outgoing as well as incoming mailserver.

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Comment of Anonymous:
A better alternative is just to download any SMTP relay software for Windows (or whatever operating system you run), install it on your own computer and then relay your own outgoing mail through that by setting your mail program's Outgoing Mailserver setting to: localhost

You can find many free SMTP programs with a simple search:

or at any of these URLs:

Added at: 2003-12-24 12:29

Comment of Anonymous:
We do not recommend the above, simply because more and more large ISPs are also block ALL dynamic and dynamic-type connections to their mailservers. This includes dial-up, ISDN, DSL, Cable, and Wireless connections.
Added at: 2004-04-12 14:00

Comment of Anonymous:
If your ISP does not give you a SMTP server (or you use multiple ISP's) use an authenticated SMTP mail relay like AuthSMTP -

Hope it is of use... ;)
Added at: 2004-08-16 06:53

Comment of Anonymous:
A hint for people who rely on this and then discover it doesn't work while travelling. Some hotels filter the SMTP traffic, but reject your username / password. The solution is to turn *off* SMTP authentication while you are at that hotel
Added at: 2005-11-13 07:11

Comment of Anonymous:
What works even better is an smtp server which just authenticates based on your from field, the most well known one is
Added at: 2007-12-07 19:18