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Do you support Secure POP and IMAP?

Applies to: Grid System

Yes, we support (and recommend) Secure POP mail on port 995 and Secure IMAP on port 993 at

Last update: 2011-12-12 17:07
Author: FAQ Admin
Revision: 1.3

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Comment of Anonymous:
I discovered that in Eudora 5.1 that one needs to set the "Required, Alternate Port" (on both the Generic Properties and the Incoming Mail tabs of Account Settings for ) in order to use modwest's mail server over SSL (as shown on the Eudora web site):

Here's the relevant section....

Normally, Eudora will use SSL on the standard port for that service (110 for POP3, 25 for SMTP, and 143 for IMAP4). Selecting Required, Alternate Port tells Eudora that SSL is required, but on a port other than the standard port for that service.

The ports used by the Alternate Port setting are:

POP3 -- uses port 995
SMTP -- uses port 465
IMAP4 -- uses port 993
Added at: 2002-09-17 15:56