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When I "Add Mailbox" in Onsite, it says "That login name is already taken. Please choose another."

Applies to: Grid System

It does not matter if the "login name" you chose is already taken. Just choose a different login name. You can still have whatever email address you want at your domain name. A mailbox "login name" has no effect on the email address where people will reach you, and has no effect on what people will see as your return address when you send email.

The login name and password merely unlocks your mailbox when you are trying to retrieve your mail. The login name that unlocks the mailbox does not have to be the same as the your email address left of the @ symbol.

For example, the mailbox login name "sales" may already be taken on our mailservers. This does not matter. You can still have the email address "". Click on the Add an E-Mail Address page of Onsite. Then, enter the Next, select "New Mailbox..." in the "Deliver mail to" field. In the blank where it asks you for a "New Mailbox login " and password (which are only used to unlock your mailbox to get your messages), enter "acmesales" or something unique instead of "sales" if the login name "sales" is already is already taken. Then enter a password for this mailbox and click the "Submit" button.

Now all mail sent to will be delivered into this mailbox you just created, which is unlocked with the login name "acmesales".

Another FAQ has details on how to setup your mail program on your own computer (like Outlook) so that it can unlock your mailbox and get your messages. In this example, the Incoming Mailserver Username setting would be "acmesales". You will also want to set your "From" address in your mail program too. The "From" address is the return address that people will see on all the email you send and it is the address that they will reply to when they receive your messages. You can set the "From" address to be whatever you want such as "".

Just make sure that you set it to an address that you are able to receive mail at. Remember that the "From" address is set in your mail program running on your own computer, unless you are using Web Mail, in which case you need this other FAQ on setting the webmail options.

Using Email Aliases

  • Another option instead of creating a new mailbox is to just use the mailbox that was included with, and has the same username as, your hosting account. For example, instead of creating a new mailbox to receive mail addressed to, add an alias making all mail addressed to "" be delivered to your-original-username (where "your-original-username" is the username for your hosting account - the one that you use to FTP files and login the Control Panel). Then setup Outlook or your mail reading program to use "your-original-username" as your Incoming Mailserver Username. Set the "From" address in Outlook to whatever you want.

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