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Can I have an automatic reply sent to people who email me while I'm on vacation?

Applies to: Grid System

Yes, you can set this up in Onsite.

Be sure you do not copy & paste from a full-featured word processing program such as Microsoft WORD, as this may include characters that cause the auto-responder to not work. Instead, paste the text into a plain text editor first or, manually type the text into the auto-responder box.

NOTE: to prevent auto-responders from 'talking' to each other, there is a limit set for auto-responders. Once you have enabled the auto-responder, it will only send out the auto-response e-mail to an address once for a 24 hour time limit. This means that if you email an address you have setup an auto-responder for 5 times in a day, it will only send the auto-response back to that particular email address once per 24 hours.

Ideally you should turn off your autoresponder as soon as feasible so it does not get used by spammers.

Last update: 2010-09-29 17:05
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