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I just transferred my domain and I either get an Error 403 when trying to go to it, or my site stays the same even though I have uploaded new files and made changes.

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First use our WHOIS utility to make sure the Domain Name Servers information for your domain is correct. If you are hosting with Modwest and you want us to do DNS for your domain name, then the primary and secondary nameserver on your domain name registration should be:


Once you use WHOIS to verify the primary domain nameserver, use our NSLOOKUP utility to make sure that primary nameserver has the correct Address record for your website. If you are hosting with Modwest, then the "Address" record for your domain should begin with: 204.11.246

If the primary nameserver returned by WHOIS is the correct one and that nameserver is also returning the IP Address where your website is hosted, then you are probably having a problem because your personal computer is looking up the IP address for your domain through another domain nameserver (likely one that belongs to your local ISP) that has cached stale information about your domain.

To determine if that is the case, and assuming you are using windows, get a dos command line by choosing: Start, Programs, MSDOS Prompt. At the dos prompt, type:


You should then see the IP Address of the site where your domain is hosted (if that is Modwest, then it will begin with 204.11.246). If the IP Address is not where your domain is hosted, then most likely your local ISP is feeding you stale DNS information. You could contact them and ask them to "reload" their nameserver (force a retrieval of updated information from the domain's primary nameserver), or you can wait until their stale information expires and their nameserver retrieves updated information on its own. Usually, dns records have an expiration time of 1 week to 1 month.

If you have transferred your domain away from your dialup ISP, it is likely that they may still have a zone file for your domain leftover from when they provided the primary nameserver for your domain. If this is the case, you will have to ask them to "nuke" your zone file and reload, so that their nameserver will retrieve the updated information from your domain's new primary nameserver (which you can determine with WHOIS).

If you need to be able to see your domain in a hurry, we keep a temporary URL for all new clients for approximately 1 month at where "" is the domain that you signed up to host with us.

You could also edit your PC's hosts file to map your new IP to your domain.
Another FAQ shows you how to do that.

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You also might want to check file permission settings and make sure user has executable rights, if not apache will not grant you access since it processes from parent directory and down.
Added at: 2008-07-03 20:19