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Why do you recommend against hosting my own DNS?

Applies to: Grid System

The main reason Modwest does not recommend hosting your own DNS is downtime. Periodically, Modwest must change the IP addresses associated with your domain name. IP changes will cause down time for sites with DNS hosted elsewhere. Even if you respond quickly, your site will experience downtime. Allowing Modwest to provide DNS services for your domain will reduce or entirely prevent downtime. Since DNS hosting is included free with all our hosting accounts, it is the best choice for most customers.

Another common difficulty with hosting your own DNS is that many DNS hosts do not support wildcard DNS. That means whenever you add a subdomain, you will have to make an explicit A record for that subdomain. When Modwest hosts your DNS, there is no additional steps required to make the subdomain work.

Hosting your own DNS can cause your scripts to behave oddly and interrupt correspondence with you. Assume that you have set a custom MX record. When you sign up with Modwest, we automatically create DNS for you and a local MX record. If you do not inform us that you are hosting your own DNS with a custom MX record, your web scripts that email you will deliver to Modwest's mail server. Our email to you, like invoices, will also deliver locally. You will miss orders placed on your site and we may charge you late fees since you missed your invoices. Keeping your DNS at Modwest will prevent these problems from ever happening.

Hosting your DNS at Modwest is the best choice for you and your visitors.

Last update: 2010-10-04 14:48
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