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What is your IPS Tag for my domain?

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We do not have an IPS Tag because we are not a Registrar of domains. Only Registrars of domains have an IPS Tags.

However, to host your domain with us, there is no need for any IPS tag. IPS tags are only used when transfering the domain registration itself to another registrar. It is not needed when you are just changing your Internet Service Provider who hosts your domain, which involves only modifying your current registration at your current registrar to change the nameservers listed as authoritative for your domain.

To host your domain here, all you need to do is list our nameservers on your domain registration. This is done with the registrar where you registered your domain name. It can either be done on their website where you registered the domain name, or it can be done by faxing the registrar your instructions on the Registrant's (the person who owns the domain name) letterhead.

Information explaining that an IPS Tag is not needed when you are only changing your web host (and not the registrar) is located at Nominet's website under the heading labelled "Moving to a non-Tag holder", which states:

If the new Internet Service Provider [web host] is not a Nominet Tag Holder, you should confirm to Nominet in writing the details of your new ISP. This request should be on the letterhead of the current Registrant, please see the details provided above at 1.

You will need to supply a list of the Domain Name(s) affected, and details of your new ISP's host machines. You must also notify your current ISP that you wish to move your Domain Name(s) to a non-Nominet Tag Holder. The Domain Name(s) will then be moved onto a neutral Nominet Tag, assuming there is no contractual basis on which Nominet cannot interfere with your current arrangement with your ISP. The Domain Name(s) will then be dealt with in the same way as a Direct Registration and are subject to the direct registration fee [renewal] charges.

Please note that Nominet will not knowingly interfere in a third party contract therefore in some circumstances it may take longer than two working days to clarify whether or not we are in a position to intervene and move your Domain Name(s) to a new ISP.

For domains registered through Nominet, you can contact Nominet to have the nameservers on your registration changed by contacting them here.

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