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How do I modify DNS nameservers at Network Solutions?

Applies to: Grid System

First check WHOIS to make sure that your domain name was registered at Network Solutions and not some other registrar.

If it was registered with Network Solutions, then you can make the needed changes by logging into their website with the UserID and Password that they gave you. If you have lost that information, please see this other FAQ.

To login to your Network Solutions domain registration account, go to and enter your Network Solutions UserID and Password in the boxes provided.

Once you are logged in, you will be at the "Account Manager Home" page. On this page, look in the "Domain Details" box for the "Domain Information" of the domain name whose nameservers need to be modified.

You should see an option called "Domain currently points to" with a link to "Edit DNS" next to it. Click the "Edit DNS" link. The next page will show you a warning. Click "Continue".

The next page is called "Edit Domain Name Servers" and will show you 2 text boxes with a server name in each.

Erase whatever is in the first box and type in:
Erase whatever is in the second box below the first one and type in:

Then click "Continue". This page asks you to confirm the change. Click "Save DNS". Then it should say that your changes have been submitted.

When you return to the Network Solutions' "Account Manager Home" page, you should see the radio button checked next to "Domain currently points to", and see our 2 nameservers listed under that.

If the radio button next to that option is not checked, check it and then click "Apply Change".

Your changes will take effect and traffic will begin arriving at your site on our system within 24 hours.

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