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I need to make a copy of my site and download it without using FTP

Applies to: Grid System

The steps below assume that you can access your shell account. If you are unfamiliar with using your shell account, please follow the instructions here.

  1. Login to your shell account.

  2. Make a compressed copy of all your web files by typing the following command:

    username@shell0:/$ tar cvfz sitecopy.tar.gz /htdocs/*

    This will create a copy of all files contained in /htdocs and store it in a one compressed file called /sitecopy.tar.gz.

  3. Move sitecopy.tar.gz to a password protected folder that is web accessible:

    username@shell0:/$ mv /sitecopy.tar.gz /htdocs/www/securefolder/

    Password protected folders can be created quickly in your Modwest Onsite control panel, just follow the instructions here.

  4. Browse to, authenticate at the password protection prompt, right click and "save link as" in Firefox (right click "save target as" in Internet Explorer) to save sitecopy.tar.gz to your desktop computer. You can then open sitecopy.tar.gz with your desktop computer's decompression utility.


Last update: 2010-12-31 12:22
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