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What is the real full path to my home directory?

Applies to: Grid System

If you need this information for a PHP, CGI or other script, crontab, or shell/ftp prompt, the full path to your home directory is "/" (without the quotes) and the full path to your web documents is "/htdocs/www". The root directory is your home directory.

Read on for a different answer only if you a) need the real full path to your homedir for use with .htaccess/htpasswd files or Server Side Includes; or b) are reading Sbox error messages, which report full paths as described below. In these cases the real full path to your home directory is:

/domains/[first letter of yoursite]/[yoursite]/

For example, the real full path for the following domains are as follows:

home directory: /domains/m/

homedirectory: /domains/m/

home directory: /domains/m/

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