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What kind of resource limits do you have for your grid hosting environment?

Applies to: Grid System

We take several measures to provide an equal opportunity to system resources among the many customers that share the Modwest grid hosting environment. This includes limitations of resources per customer in addition to intelligent PHP defaults. Keep in mind: these limitations are designed to protect the quality of performance for our customers. They are in place to safe-guard occasional issues in which the actions of one customer may affect another. While there are more limits than we will list, these are the ones that we find our customers occasionally will reach:

  • CPU Limit - if you run a script that utilizes %100 of the CPU for a machine in our web cluster for over 30 seconds, then you will reach this limit. Keep in mind that this is 30 seconds of %100 cpu utilization, not 30 seconds of total execution time. This is a rare case and is usually due to software that has gone out of control.

  • Memory Limit - there is a 256MB limit of memory allocation for any particular execution.  Exceeding this limit may cause an "Internal Server Error" which produces a /logs/error_log entry similar to "FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate 14592 bytes". 256MB is generally enough memory for efficient applications, but ask us about our new Memory Boost add-on if your application requires more.

  • PHP Resource Defaults - there are some defaults that are set for PHP. These can be modified through various methods depending on the limit. For more information about the particular limits, check out the PHP documentation here.

    NOTE: although these can be set to values which exceed the system limitations, you will not be able to actually exceed those limitations.

    If your account was created prior to May 2009, the defaults are:
    If your account was created after May 2009, the defaults are:

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