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How do I recreate the "_" symlink that directs to

Applies to: Grid System

If the "_" symbolic link (symlink) to your "www" subdomain has been deleted this is how you can replace it. This symlink, a simple underscore "_" directs users who type to You can, however, easily recreate the necessary symlink. If you'd like to know more about subdomains like "_" and "www" feel free to read this FAQ on creating subdomains.

First, Telnet into or create a SSH connection to your account. If you need help with how to do either, please read this FAQ about connecting using a shell prompt.

Once you have a SSH connection open, type the following command to change into the appropriate directory.

cd /htdocs/

Next, type the following command to recreate the missing symlink.

ln -s www _

Once you've done the above, end the connection by typing exit and hit enter key. You should know be able to reach your domain via either or

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