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Can I switch my domain name or alter my administrator username?

Applies to: Grid System

Switch domain

You may switch your domain name at any time. Once the change has gone into effect, the old domain will no longer correspond to your hosting account with Modwest. If you would rather have both domains still working, please read about domain aliases.

To request a domain switch, email us.

Change Administrator user

In most cases, there is truly no reason to change the administrator username. Because of the many services and scripts that tie into the administrator user, it is also possible that the alteration may cause a problem or two. As such, we advise against changing the name. (Note: If you currently have a MySQL database, we do not allow the alteration of administrator username)

You may change the password of the administrator user for security. You may also associate any number of different email addresses to it.

In the case where you have no MySQL database and you are positive that a change in username is a must, please email us.

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