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How do I create subdomains?

Applies to: Grid System

Everyone has a "www" subdomain (In "", the "www" part is the subdomain). The www subdomain is created by, and serves files from, your /htdocs/www directory on the filesystem.

To add more subdomains, just create new subdirectories in the /htdocs directory.

For instance, if you had the domain name and wanted a subdomain for Corvettes, then you would just create the directory /htdocs/corvettes and upload the files in there that you wanted to see at

Second Level Subdomains
To create second level subdomains like ("www" is the second level subdomain and "corvettes" is the first level subdomain in this example) then you would do one of the following:

1. If you have made an /htdocs/corvettes directory so that you have then you can make by getting a shell prompt and creating a symlink like so:

cd /htdocs
ln -s corvettes www.corvettes

Now will lead to the same place as and all the files for both of these URLs are uploaded in the /htdocs/corvettes directory.

2. Alternatively, you may want your second level subdomain to lead to a separate area of your website instead of being symlinked together with the first level subdomain. For example you may want (where "splitbumper" is the second level subdomain) to lead to a section of your website dedicated to 1963-1965 Corvettes with split bumpers, and have just lead to a different section of your site about Corvettes in general. To setup the second level subdomain this way, you would make a separate directory altogether for it, like this:

cd /htdocs
mkdir splitbumper.corvettes

The "splitbumper.corvettes" subdirectory is created right alongside all the other subdomain subdirectories, including the "corvettes" subdirectory, if you made one. Then you upload files related to splitbumpers into the /htdocs/splitbumper.corvettes subdirectory, and view them in a browser at

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Comment of Anonymous:
If you need to delete a subdomain symlink made with the "ln -s ..."

rm -f /htdocs/www.corvettes
Added at: 2003-03-06 12:27

Comment of Anonymous:
Make sure the directory name you create is all lower-case, with no spaces. CAPS or Mixed-Case will not work.
Added at: 2003-10-08 09:30

Comment of Anonymous:
Careful that you only use letters, numbers and (I think) hyphens in your sub-domains. I spent a whole day debugging and wondering why PHP sessions weren't carrying through page to page. It was because I had an underscore in the subdomain. As soon as I changed the subdomain name not to have an underscore, then PHP sessions worked again and I could login to my application.
Added at: 2003-11-07 21:09