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How do I access and manage my database services?

Applies to: Grid System

Managing your Database Password

On the Modwest Grid, MySQL is accessed using your administrative username (used to log in to Onsite), and a unique database password. When logged in to the Onsite Control Panel as the Administrator for your account, you"ll find that there are three separate pages devoted to managing your Database services, we"ll examine each in turn below:

*View My Database

This page will allow you to log in to a copy of PHPMyAdmin, a web-based databasse management utility. When logging in be sure to pay attention to the "Server Choice" field. Since we have multiple database servers at Modwest, you need to make sure you are attempting to log in to the server that is hosting the database you with to access.

If you attempt to log in with an incorrect password, or are attempting to access a database server which is not currently hosting any databases for your account, you will receive an error message similar to the following: #1045 - Access denied for user "user"@"" (using password: YES)

If you receive this error message, and are unable to proceed: use the information in the sections below to verify you are using the correct database server, and MySQL Password.

There are many ways to connect to, or view your database. You can read avout some alternate methods in our Support FAQs.

*Add or Drop Database
This page will list your currently existing databases, including their name, and the name of the server they are currently hosted on. You can also create new Databases on this page.

*Change Database Password
This form allows you to change your current database password. If your website is currently utilizing a database-driven application such as Wordpress, Joomla, or Xcart: you will likely need to manually update your application configuration with the  new database credentials before your website will function properly.

If your account was created before April, 2011, you may receive a warning indicating your database password is stored using MySQL OLD_PASSWORD(). This indicates you should upgrade your account to one of our newer hosting environments. More information can be found in the Environment Upgrade documentation, found here.

*Determining your current Database password
Modwest stores our customers database passwords in an encrypted format, so unfortunately we cannot assist you in determining your current database password. If you have an application which is actively connecting to your database, your current password is likely stored in plain-text within one of the configuration files of your application. Referring to applicable vendor documentation  can often help you locate this information.

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