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How do I import a MySQL dumpfile into my database via phpMyAdmin?

Applies to: Grid System

Please note that this FAQ only applies to SQL dumpfiles smaller than 8,192KB. For larger dumpfiles, please see our FAQ on dumpfile importing via the shell

  • After you have dumped out your data into a file as described here, move this file from your old server to your local computer via FTP or SCP.

  • Once you have this file saved locally, log in to phpMyAdmin using your database username and password (this is typically the same as your admin username and password unless it has been manually changed by you).

  • Select the database you would like to import into from the drop down menu in the left-hand sidebar.

  • In the main pane, click on the "SQL" tab.

  • Underneath "Location of the text file", click the "Browse" button to select the SQL dumpfile you had had moved to your local computer in the previous step.

  • Click "Go" to begin the import.

  • When it has successfully completed, phpMyAdmin will display "Your SQL query has been executed successfully: The content of your file has been inserted."

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