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What PHP modules are available and how do I load them?

Applies to: Grid System

Each account on the Modwest grid system may have its own PHP configuration file that you can edit to set which PHP modules are automatically loaded when your scripts execute.

In your php.ini file is a section called "Dynamic Extensions". By default, all the extension modules are commented out (by having a semicolon appear at the beginning of the line) except the MySQL module called To enable a particular module for yourself, just find the line in php.ini that lists the module you want to use and uncomment it by removing the semicolon at the beginning of the line. For best PHP performance, you should only enable the extensions your website requires.

You can also use the dl() function to dynamically load the extension you want at runtime instead of editing your php.ini file. That will make it so that you only load the module on the pages where you need it, allowing PHP to run faster on the pages that do not need it.

To see which PHP extensions are available, please visit our phpinfo() page.

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For wddx_deserialize to work properly (i.e. to work) you must also enable the XML extension along with WDDX.
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