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I need to execute my cron job with PHP5.2

Applies to: Grid System

Note: the following applies only to customers that signed up prior to May 2009 and have not switched to our new Debian environment

First ensure you have created a symlink to PHP5.2. This can be accomplished by executing these commands on your shell account. (If you need help accessing the shell server, go here):
# rm /sitebin/php
# ln -s /usr/local/bin/php-5.2.0 /sitebin/php

To execute crontabs with php5.2, the path to PHP in the crontab needs to be /sitebin. So, for example, your crontab might look something like this:

28 14 * * * /sitebin/php -q /myscript.php

For more information on how to run a PHP script on cron, see

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