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Will IonCube encoded files work?

Applies to: Grid System

Yes, you can enable the IonCube PHP Loader from

All you have to do is add the following line to your php.ini file:


This line will enable the latest available Ioncube loader. No webserver restart is needed. You can test the install with your own php script that calls phpinfo() and look for the phrase "..ionCube..." in the output.

For accounts that signed up before May 2009:

Your php.ini entry will look like:


where "N" is the major version of php, either 4 or 5. "x.x" is the proper IonCube version number that relates to the major and minor PHP version you are running. For example, if the PHP version is 4.4.6, then "N" is 4 and the "x.x" becomes "4.4".

You'll always find the actual IonCube Loader file name that you need to load in your php.ini in the /usr/local/libexec/php/ directory with the other dynamically loadable PHP libraries.

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Comment of Anonymous:
The Zend Optimizer can be loaded alongsite the IonCube loader, so long as the zend_extension line in php.ini for the IonCube loader appears BEFORE the line for the Zend Optimizer.
Added at: 2003-10-13 21:31

Comment of Anonymous:
Another way to use the Ioncube Loader is at runtime (instead of loading it inside of PHP).

For run-time loading to work, a directory called 'ioncube' containing
the Loaders (it unpacks like this automatically when you download the loader) should be placed in or above the top directory of encoded files. For example, if you have encoded files in or below '/htdocs/www', you might place the 'ioncube' directory in '/htdocs/www/ioncube'.
Added at: 2003-10-13 22:00

Comment of Anonymous:
Do not use the "thread safe" version of the loader with any filename ending in ""
Added at: 2004-04-29 12:58

Comment of Anonymous:
encoded file has expired or is corrupt

If you get this error: The encoded file /htdocs/www/config.php has expired or is corrupt. The cure is to upload the file as a binary file. It should be in your ftp settings. I use FileZilla and the setting is there.
Added at: 2007-07-31 19:20