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Where is the php_error_log?

Applies to: Grid System

You can find the PHP error log via ftp or ssh at /logs/php_error_log. PHP error logging is turned on by default in all new accounts. Although, disk space used by the php_error_log is counted toward your total disk usage, it generally does not takeup enough space to make a difference. If you are concerned about disk overage or have been generating lots of PHP errors, you may turn PHP error logging off and free space by removing the existing logs.

You can turn PHP error logging on or off in two ways:

  1. By editting your php.ini file and changing:
    log_errors = On
    log_errors = Off

  2. By using your OnSite PHP Configurator, unchecking "Log errors" and then clicking the "Save Changes" button

Last update: 2011-07-07 17:40
Author: FAQ Admin
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