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Can I use a PHP extension like PDFlib that I have personally purchased a license to use?

Applies to: Grid System

Yes, if you have a custom PHP extension or module that you want to use on our servers, you can have it available just for you.

Just create a libexec directory under your home directory (/libexec) and upload the PHP shared object (for Linux) in there, where "" is the filename of your shared object (/libexec/ Then enable this module in your php.ini with the line:

extension = local/

You can then check to make sure that it is loaded with a phpinfo() call, or by using the extension_loaded() function if you know the extension's proper name.

As an alternative to enabling your custom module in your php.ini, you could load it dynamically in your php scripts with the dl() function. Even if you use the dl() method, you still need to put the shared object in a /libexec directory under your home directory. You would then load the extension like:


This ability to load your own PHP modules would be useful if you wanted to try out some pre-release of some module that Modwest does not have installed server wide, or if you purchased a license to use a module like PDFlib and the terms of the license prohibits others from using it.

Last update: 2010-09-27 15:24
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Comment of Anonymous:
If you want to run GD1.8, you need to do it with a PHP 4.2.3 script. GD1.8 won't run under PHP 4.3.1+.

Here's a sample script starting as 1st charatcer position, line 1 of a file named test.php:

Added at: 2003-07-10 14:37

Comment of Anonymous:
If you are trying to use GD 2.x under PHP 4.3.2, and finding that GD under that version of PHP is broken, then you should have run the previous version of PHP to execute your GD code.

1. From your home directory at a shell prompt:
mkdir libexec
cp /usr/local/libexec/php-4.3.1/ libexec

That copies the non-buggy shared object that was compiled for the last version of PHP.

2. The php script that executes GD functions must have as the very first line:


That must start at the 1st position of the first line. An Opening php tag begin on any subsequent line.

3. The php script that will execute any GD functions must have this line before any GD function is used:


That loads the object that you copied into your home directory's libexec in Step 1. If you named the file in Step 1, then you load "local/" here.

4. Make sure you have the extension turned off in your /etc/php.ini file by making sure that line is commented out with a semicolon as the 1st character.
Added at: 2003-10-10 15:54