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Will my Zend Encoded files work?

Applies to: Grid System

Yes, we run Zend Optimizer, by default, which is capable of reading and serving PHP files encoded with Zend Encoder. We do not provide Zend Encoder itself. You will have to purchase that from Zend. Zend Optimizer ought to be already enabled. If it is not, make sure your php.ini has the following:


These lines will enable the latest Zend Optimizer.

For accounts that signed up before May 2009:

Just make sure that your php.ini file has this line:

zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 1

and not

zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 0

Last update: 2010-09-29 16:59
Author: FAQ Admin
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Comment of Anonymous:
If you get an error:

"Incompatible file format: The encoded file has format ID 0, which is too old"

Then it is probably because you uploaded the file in "ASCII" mode instead of "binary" mode. Dreamweaver will do that to ".php" files.

Use something other than Dreamweaver as an ftp client, or set your ftp client to upload the files in "binary" mode.
Added at: 2003-10-13 17:34