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What happens if I use more bandwidth or disk space than is included in my hosting plan?

Applies to: Grid System

Some hosting plans come with a certain amount of bandwidth per month, measured in gigabytes (GB). See this other FAQ for an idea of how much traffic one GB is.

If you use more bandwidth than is included in your hosting plan, then the excess will be billed at $2 per gigabyte. Bandwidth includes all in-out transfer from our network including but not limited to web traffic, ftp usage, all emails passing through our mailserver, anything downloaded from your shell (for example with wget), etc.

Disk Space
Some hosting plans come with a defined amount of disk space (storage).

If your disk usage exceeds the amount included in your hosting plan and any additional amounts you may have purchased separately, then the overage will be billed at 2 cents ($0.02) per megabyte, based on maximum monthly usage.

This other FAQ tells you what is included in your disk usage total.

If you consistently go significantly over your bandwidth/disk quota, you may want to think about just upgrading your hosting plan.

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