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Do you offer backups?

Applies to: Grid System

On our Grid hosting system, we make daily tape backups of your website files and database data (excluding some transient data and directories found in this complete list of exclusions).

Because the vast majority of customers use POP3 to download their mail, we do not backup mailboxes, though various methods exist for doing so locally.

If you use IMAP to access your mail, mailbox backups are available for an additional monthly fee. Please use the Service Request Form to add this extra service.

All backups are kept for approximately 10 days. Older backups are regularly deleted.

For customers on our grid system, there is a service fee per incident for restoring from backup. If you want something restored, please contact us.

We can also send you a CD containing backups of your site as well, this service can also be requested through the

Service Request Form.

In addition to our routine backups, we advise that you maintain your own backups as you see fit.

VPS customers are responsible for managing their own backups however they desire.

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Comment of Anonymous:
Using SSH, you can create a backup of your files using the command:

tar --create --file backup.tar.gz --exclude backup.tar.gz --verbose --gzip --one-file-system /

Using FTP or similiar programs, transfer your backup file to your computer.
Added at: 2003-03-31 11:44