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How much disk space do I get for files, mailboxes and databases?

Applies to: Grid System

On Modwest's Yep plan you can use as much disk space as your site needs. If you are on an older Modwest plan, disk usage in excess of what is included with your hosting plan is billed at 2 cents ($0.02) per megabyte, based on maximum usage in a month.  To avoid these overage fees, you can upgrade to Yep now

Your current disk usage is always shown on the front page of Onsite.

Your disk usage total includes all files owned by you, any logs in your /logs directory, all messages in your mailboxes, and all space used by your databases.

System files (/bin, /lib, /var, etc) are not included in your total disk usage calculation.

There is also a separate, 1GB limit on each mailbox. If your mailbox exceeds this limit, you will not receive any more email until you are back under 1GB. You can also request your mailbox size to be increased, if you're storing lots of mail on the server. A detailed break-down of each mailbox in your account can be found here by clicking on the 'see current breakdown' link.

Last update: 2011-02-17 16:51
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Comment of Anonymous:
If you want to know how much disk space you are using with files under your home directory just get a shell prompt and type:

du -chx /

This gives you a total that does not include databases or mail.
Added at: 2002-04-22 12:47

Comment of Anonymous:
If you want to know how much is being used by logfiles alone, get a shell prompt and type:

du -ch /logs
Added at: 2003-03-03 17:17