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Will I have access to raw logfiles?

Applies to: Grid System

By default, no Apache access logs are written inside your account. If you want your raw Apache access logs, you can turn them on in your Control Panel. When you have logged into your control panel with the administrator login and password, you will find a "Access log settings" link on the left-hand side of the screen. Once there, click the "Enable Logs" button. Your logs will now write into your /logs directory along with Apache error logs.

Turning Apache logging on could result in using a lot of disk space which will be billable to your account if your disk usage exceeds the amount included in your hosting plan.

Logging is not necessary for traffic analysis reports since those reports are not based on the logs in your /logs directory. Therefore, most users should leave Apache logging set to the default, which is OFF.

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Comment of Anonymous:
You can trash old logfiles by running this command from a shell prompt:

find /logs -ctime +32 -type f -exec rm -f {} \;

That will delete all files in the /logs directory that are more than 32 days old.
Added at: 2003-11-18 18:51

Comment of Anonymous:
Get rid of all old logfiles by typing:

rm -f /logs/*

Disk usage meters will not go down until the next month because they show maximum usage.
Added at: 2003-03-20 12:17

Comment of Anonymous:
If you want to check for broken links, you don't need your logfiles. You can use one of these link checking scripts:


Added at: 2003-05-12 21:15

Comment of Anonymous:
You could rotate your raw logfiles on a daily crontab like this:

mv /logs/access_log_´date '+%Y-%m'´ /logs/access_log_´date '+%Y-%m-%d'´
Added at: 2003-11-18 19:16

Comment of Anonymous:
The Apache logformat used is:

LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\" %V" combined
Added at: 2003-11-14 12:34