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How do I stop the server from automatically correcting spelling mistakes in URLs or offering multiple choices for documents?

Applies to: Grid System

The spelling correction feature of mod_speling will automatically correct minor spelling mistakes in URLs requested by a browser. Sometimes a correction will result in a redirect to the correctly spelled document filename. Other times, the server may offer the browser a "multiple choice" of documents that are spelled similarly to what they requested.

To turn off this feature, put this line in an .htaccess file in or above the directory in which you want this feature turned off:

CheckSpelling Off

More information about this feature is in the Apache Documentation.

Last update: 2010-10-03 13:11
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Comment of Anonymous:
CheckSpelling and modwrite don't work good together.

My host made the mistake of automatically enabling CheckSpelling. All of a sudden my website was pointing to sensitive sql files.

Don't use the two together
Added at: 2002-07-24 07:18