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Why does my website just say "Error 403 Forbidden"?

Applies to: Grid System

Several scenarios can cause a 403 error response from our webservers. When a 403 response is generated, access to the requested file is not allowed for one or more reasons.

Some potential reasons for this response are:

  • The CGI script requested does not have executable permissions set. If this is the problem, here's the solution.

  • A directory index has been requested in a directory for which such requests have been specifically disallowed. If this is the problem, you'll need to change the filename of your home page, change the default home page setting, or undo the disallow setting for directories.

  • Your Modwest-hosted website has been disabled for a violation of our terms of service or non-payment. If you think this may be the case, please contact us.

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    Comment of Anonymous:
    There are more then just those 2 reasons. They might not have a default/index page specified, or the server may be looking for index.html and they have default.html or something similar.
    Added at: 2002-07-02 19:57

    Comment of Anonymous:
    Another way to get 403 Forbidden: inadvertently reset your Apache options.

    If you are running the CGI version of php, you need the Apache directive
    Options ExecCGI
    which modwest sets for you.

    But now if you need some other option and put a new Options directive in one of your htaccess files, be sure you include a + to indicate you're just adding a new option. Without the + you're resetting all your options to just the ones in your current list.

    In my case I installed Gallery (an excellent php package) and Gallery said
    Options FollowSymLinks
    and this undid the ExecCGI option and caused my pages to be forbidden. The solution in my case is
    Options +FollowSymLinks.
    Added at: 2002-08-11 10:27

    Comment of Anonymous:
    Also, if you try to use a .htaccess override on an Apache server that has these overrides disabled you will get a 403, Forbidden error
    Added at: 2004-01-27 20:59

    Comment of Anonymous:
    You may need to include the allowed IP addresses and not just the port. If on an internet router network with NAT or whatever, try changing the port to something other than 80 so that the router config doesn't pick it up.
    once you've done that, modify the apache config file to allow your other computers/network ip addy's.
    this can be in any ip range format as defined in the following link
    Added at: 2008-02-20 16:24