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How can I kill off my processes on the shell server?

Applies to: Grid System

In order to preserve service quality for all other customers on our grid hosting infrastructure, resource limitations on the shell server prevent creating too many processes under a single user account. If your account is spawning too many processes, you might get an error message such as:

bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

One solution is to kill off the excess processes. However, because exposing the full process table to shell accounts on a grid server is a potential security risk, your scripts will need to report to your terminal or log their indvidual process IDs. This is done easily via PHP using the posix_getpid() function, which requires enabling the POSIX module in your php.ini file.

In Perl, the process ID is contained in the special variable $$.

Once your program is logging or reporting to your console its process ID upon startup, you now have the information needed to terminate any such process using the kill command.

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