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How do I change the timezone for my account?

Applies to: Grid System

Following this FAQ will change the timezone for your entire account, affecting your shell environment and all your scripts written in any language.

To do this, replace your /conf/localtime file with the appropriate timezone data file from /usr/share/zoneinfo. For example,
to set everything to Eastern Standard Time, get a shell prompt and replace your /conf/localtime with
/usr/share/zoneinfo/EST by typing the following 4 shell commands:

cd /conf
ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/EST localtime

The first 'date' command will show you the current date/time before you change the timezone. The final 'date' command shows you current date/time in the timezone that you chose, which in this example is EST.

There are many timezone data files in the zoneinfo directory and you can use any of them that you wish. To see them all, do:

ls /usr/share/zoneinfo

Note that this FAQ previously stated to cp the zoneinfo, this is no longer considered correct for our hosting customers due to legislative actions that are causing changes to be made to these configurations.

See also the FAQs on this topic that relate to PHP and MySQL.

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