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Which directories are excluded from Grid website backups?

Applies to: Grid System

We make nightly backups of all Grid web site content, as described here.

However, certain directories and files in your ftp/shell account are excuded from these backups. The complete list of exclusions, with reason for the exclusions is found below:

  • Directories named "tmp". "temp", "cache", "dbcache", or "pgcache". These directories are used to store transient data that can be recreated. Do not store data you wished to be backed up in them.
  • Directories named "dbbackup", or "mysqldata". Modwest already makes backups of mysql databases. If you make your own database backups, we do not also make backups of your backups.
  • Files beginning with "sess_". These are temporary session tracking files made by web applications that should go away when the session ends.
  • Files or folders ending in ".OLD". This is a common suffix for out of date info, sometimes used by our technicians to mark no longer relevant files.

Last update: 2011-12-22 15:16
Author: Walt Javins
Revision: 1.0

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