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How Do I Switch My Email Services to Google Apps?

Applies to: Grid System

Google Apps is a suite of applications, which is hosted and supported by Google.  The service is provided free to individuals, groups and entrepreneurs and currently, there is a per-user annual fee for businesses.

Google Apps requires you to make changes to your domain's DNS records before you can fully utilize the service.  If your domain name is pointed at Modwest's nameservers NS1.MODWEST.COM and NS2.MODWEST.COM, then this FAQ article describes the steps necessary for making those changes.  The first step in switching to Google Apps, is to sign up for a Google Apps account and follow the steps outlined in the setup guide, which will be presented after the account is created and verified.

Step 4 of the Google Apps Setup Guide refers to setting up email, which is the step that requires changes to your domain's DNS records. Once you know the MX records required to setup email delivery to Google Apps, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Modwest Onsite Control Panel with your hosting account administrative username & password.
  2. Click the 'Manage DNS' link.
  3. By default, your account will have 2 MX records setup.  First, add the MX records provided to you by Google, by clicking on the 'Add new entry...' link. The new records should look like this:
.yourdomain.com MX 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
.yourdomain.com MX 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
.yourdomain.com MX 5 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
.yourdomain.com MX 10 ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM
.yourdomain.com MX 10 ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM
NOTE: Do not add the trailing period (".") to the end of the GOOGLE.COM address, even though Google's setup guide displays the period.

Next, delete the Modwest MX records from your account, which look like this:

*.yourdomain.com MX 10 mail.modwest.com

  yourdomain.com MX 10 mail.modwest.com

NOTE:  After you have created all of the necessary MX records provided to you by Google, contact Modwest Support and request to have the local delivery rules for your domain removed from our system. This will ensure that any emails triggered from our system will be routed to Google, rather than delivered to local mailboxes.

The DNS changes will take up to 24-48 hours to fully propogate.
  Once they have propogated, email will begin routing to Google, rather than to the Modwest mail servers.

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Last update: 2011-04-27 15:42
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