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How do I use MnogoSearch Indexer?

Applies to: Grid System

Mnogo is a free search engine for which a PHP extension exists.

There are two steps involved in setting up the MnogoSearch indexer. First, you will configure a mnogosearch database, and second, modify the default indexer.conf file.

Beforehand, you will need to create the database via the Modwest Control Panel. Then, log into your shell account and build the database tables by typing (all on 1 line):

< /usr/local/mnogosearch/create/mysql/create.txt

Replace DBUSERNAME and DBNAME with your own MySQL username, and databasename. Also replace DBSERVER with the correct database server hostname.

There is one more step to complete before indexer will run. Copy and rename indexer.conf-dist from /usr/local/mnogosearch/etc/ to a directory you have write access to, such as /etc. The copy command will look like this (and must be all on 1 line):

cp /usr/local/mnogosearch/etc/indexer.conf-dist /etc/indexer.conf

Using your favorite text editor, edit indexer.conf. The essential values you must set are "DBAddr" and "Server".

Set "DBAddr" to:


Set "Server" to:


where the BOLD items in both those settings are specific to your site.

Save indexer.conf. Then type:

chmod 600 indexer.conf

Now, to run the indexer, type (all on 1 line):

/usr/local/mnogosearch/sbin/indexer /etc/indexer.conf

The indexer will process through the site you specified with the "Server" setting and populate your mnogosearch database.

Congratulations, you just ran the indexer with default settings.

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Comment of Anonymous:
To delete contents from mnogo databases
on one line:
/usr/local/mnogosearch/sbin/indexer -C /etc/indexer.conf

prompt will ask YES or no, type YES
Added at: 2006-08-08 10:10

Comment of Modwest support:
Our new environments do not have mnogosearch. We recommend you use a google custom search: http://www.google.com/cse/
Added at: 2010-06-03 11:19