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How do I get a command prompt on my own computer?

Applies to: Grid System

The following tells you how to get a command prompt on your own computer, not on our servers.

You may need to get a command prompt on your own computer on occasion in order to do ping, nslookup, traces or other tests, or to get to a place where you can issue a telnet command to reach our systems.

The procedure for getting a command prompt on your own computer depends on your own operating system:

  • On Windows 2000 click Start, then Run, and then type: cmd.exe and click OK.

  • On Windows 95/98 click Start, then Programs, then click the "MsDos Prompt" icon.

  • On MacOS X doubleclick your HardDrive icon on the Desktop, then doubleclick the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder, and finally the Terminal icon.

  • On any unix system, open a terminal window or get a console.

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