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Why doesn't mivascript interpret GET variables?

Applies to: Grid System

If you have a mivascript page that you want to access at a URL like:


and you are expecting a variable named "test" to be set to the value "hello" in your script, then you need to be aware of a Miva security setting that turns off GET variables by default.

If you really want to use GET variables, you'll need to write a helper function to parse out the GET vars from the URL querystring.

Last update: 2010-10-03 16:50
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Comment of Anonymous:
I wrote this script to get the parameters
from the query_string:

Call the script...

=== parsequery.mv - begin cut ===

=== end cut ===

You just have to call that function at the top of a page that uses GET
variables and they are set properly.
Added at: 2003-09-29 00:36