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How do I do a traceroute to diagnose network problems?

Applies to: Grid System

A) For complete diagnostics, do a trace in the other direction, from your computer to our network by getting a prompt on your own computer and then following these steps:

At the command prompt on your own computer, type this if you run Windows:

tracert modwest.com

If you run GNU/Linux or UNIX, type this:

traceroute modwest.com

In MacOS X, you can run the same command as you would in UNIX, or:

  1. Beginning by opening the Hard Drive icon, navigate through the applications folder to the Utilities folder and then open the Network Utility program.

  2. Click the Traceroute tab and enter the hostname. The hostname is a domain name, a machine name or an IP address.

  3. Click Trace.

B) To perform a traceroute from our network to your computer, use the traceroute tool in Onsite.
How to read the results
Each line of output represents 1 "hop" on your trip across the Internet to our network and includes the time, in milliseconds, that it took to traverse that hop. If you see times over 350ms, over 1 second, or asterisks (*), then that is the point on the Internet where you are being slowed down.

Only if your trace results show a slow hop on our network, then we will need you to send us the entire text of your trace.

On Windows 2000 or XP, you can copy all the output from the traceroute by:

  • Clicking the icon in the top left of the command window
  • Scroll down to 'Edit'
  • Choose 'Select All'
  • Press the 'Enter' key to copy
  • Paste the clipboard contents into your email message (CTRL-V or edit->paste)

On MacOS X, Linux or UNIX, just select the text with the mouse and copy it. Then paste what you have copied into an email to us.

Please do not send us email attachments of screen copied images.

If you find no slow hops, then there is no trouble with network connectivity. If you are still having a problem with something being slow, see this other FAQ.

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