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Can I use streaming media on my site?

Applies to: Grid System

Streaming is a technology for delivering audio and video content across a network without waiting for the entire file to download. When a request for content is made, the content is partially downloaded and stored in a buffer, after which the content begins to play.

With any Modwest account, you can place video and audio content on your site for visitors to play. Many sound and video formats, such as .mpeg, .mp3 and .mov, will "stream" to visitors who have the free Quicktime Player plugin or Windows Media Player in their browser. Also, Macromedia Flash 6 and higher supports streaming of embedded Quicktime and MPEG videos. This allows users to see video without having a media player load up.

RealVideo and RealAudio formats offer more sophisticated methods of streaming that involve special software installed on servers, and require your visitors to install the RealPlayer. Modwest grid hosting accounts do not support RealVideo or RealAudio streams. If you need RealVideo or RealAudio, we will be happy to install the necessary software on a managed server.

Last update: 2010-09-15 17:41
Author: FAQ Admin
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Comment of Anonymous:
I did figure out a nice context to present audio files on websites. I
converted .WAV files to radio quality .WMA files. These are small enough that bandwidth intensive audio streaming won't be necessary and reach most Window's-based PC's.
I was able to do this through Windows Media Encoder: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/9series/encoder/ . I hope this may
provide some useful info.

Added at: 2002-09-11 14:41

Comment of Anonymous:
Useful info on how to make a webpage that references a Windows Media file:
Added at: 2004-01-16 12:33